Safety Measures & Tips for Shifting during Covid-19 Pandemic

The most important thing to remember when delegating the task of packing up your belongings is to make sure that your movers are protected. So here are a few tips to pack and move your stuff in a safe manner.

Tip 1: Disinfect Before Packing

The number one complaint in the moving industry is that customers are not caring enough about the health of their belongings before they pack them up. If the items are clean before they are packed, the movers and packers will be able to pack them in a way that protects the items.

Tip 2: Contact The Packers And Movers.

Picking the best packers and movers is a vital one.They provide quality packing and moving services to a wide range of clients. Paramount Packers have a team of dedicated staff members who are professionally trained in packing and moving services. That’s is the reason they are popular around Chennai. 

Tip 3: Clean And Disinfect

Once after you are done with packing, do clean and disinfect your old home. Try to hand over it to a new tenant in a risk free environment. 

Tip 4: Maintain Social Distance

Try to maintain some social distance with the laborers and the workers of the packer and movers while they deliver their service. Wear gloves, mask and sanitize frequently. Check whether the employees are vaccinated properly. 

Tip 5: Disinfect Your New Home

 First thing after you reach your new home is to disinfect the home with Lysol or some sanitizing liquids. Ensure that the things the packers and movers dislocated are safe and sound. Unpack your stuff and start a happy life under new roof